Share & Club Accounts

Share & Regular Club Accounts

A deposit of $25 ($5 if 18 yrs old or younger) will establish your Share account and make you eligible for all other services. Daily dividends are posted to your Share account on the first day of each new quarter.

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Christmas Club Accounts

Tired of never having enough cash when Christmas rolls around? Our Christmas Club account is a disciplined way to save for the Holidays.

Christmas Club accounts are designed for members who want a special Christmas savings account. Rates and dividends are calculated the same as Share accounts, but only a $5 minimum opening deposit is required. As of September 30 each year, your funds will be transferred to your share account. There is a penalty for early withdrawal.

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Uniform Transfer To Minor

Designating the ownership of a Share account as a Uniform Transfer to Minor account is a great way to save for your child’s future. The custodian maintains complete control of the account until the minor reaches 21 years of age, but dividends earned on the account are reported to the minor’s social security number, relieving the donor of any tax liability. Please check with a Member Service Representative for specific account information.

Some transaction limitations may apply for TVFCU savings and investment accounts.

Rates vary daily. For current rates give us a call at 634-3600 or 800-634-3600 (nationwide) or e-mail us at

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