Your life is complicated but that doesn’t mean that your finances have to be. Check out all of our great products and services focused on making at least one area of your life a lot less stressful .

Checking Accounts

We have a wide variety of checking account solutions to meet your specific needs. Earn dividends with Rewards CHecking and Seniors Choice. Choose our No Frill or Student’s Choice Checking to avoid monthly service charges.


We know you have things that you need to purchase. Let us help you with the purchase of your next home, vehicle or anything else for that matter. Our great rates will ensure you get the best deal possible.

Debit & ATM Cards

When you are on the go, you need your money and you need it fast. With a TVFCU Debit or ATM card you can be sure that your money is wherever you are.

Credit Cards

Used wisely, credit cards can be an extremely useful tool. TVFCU has the perfect solution when you need a convenient way to make purchases now.

Share & Club Accounts

If the money under your mattress is keeping you up at night consider a share account or one of our great club accounts. Your money will be safe and earning interest while you catch your z’s.

Savings & Investment Accounts

Sometimes you want your money to do a little more than hangout. That’s understandable and with our savings & investment accounts your money accomplishes a lot more.

Additional Services

Aside from all of our great product offerings we have many other services that will help you make your financial future and present a secure one.

Fee Schedule

As with any person who has a complicated list of financial services that they utilize, it can be difficult keeping track of all that they entail. Here is a helpful resource to keep it all squared away in one place.

Deposit Rates

All of our deposit rates all in one spot. Compare what you currently are using with other available options to get the best solution for your particular needs.

Membership Agreement

Notice to Members: The laws and regulations governing the financial services we provide are complex. To insure your understanding of our relationship with you, we provide this detailed agreement which explains both your responsibilities and ours. Please read this document