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Monthly Payment:
$ 726.97
Total Paid:
$ 261,709.20
Total Interest Paid:
$ 111,709.20
This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. The information shown is designed to provide basic information about loan financing and is not a guarantee of credit or terms.

Current Rates

Mortgage Rates

30 Years: $50,000 – 417,0004.125%
15 Years: $50,000 – 417,0003.25%
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Actual rate received based on applicants credit worthiness.

As low as…4.75%(tied to Prime)
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Application Documentation Checklist

  • Purchase Agreement - Legible, signed copy of Purchase Agreement with all pages and any counter offers.
  • Paycheck Stubs - A copy of each applicant's pay stubs covering the past 30 days. It must be typed or computer generated and include your name or social secuity number, year-to-date-earnings and employer's name.
  • W-2 Forms - Copies from all employer's for the last 2 years.
  • Retirement, Social Security, Child Support, Alimony - Copies of award letters, checks, court support ledgers are acceptable proof of income. Copy of child's birth certificate if you are receiving child support.
  • Account Statements - Copies of all pages of the past 2 months orginal statements.
  • List of Current Credit and Debts - Current monthly payments, such as, car payments, credit card payments, etc. including balances and account numbers.
  • Divorce Decrees - Legible copy of all pages signed and recorded.