Online24 Just Got Even Better

New Features. Continued Dependability. A Better Experience.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our members to help you focus on what really matters — living the life you love. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce an upgrade to Online24, our internet banking system.


Learn more about the new look and feel of Online24 by watching this video.


Here at TVFCU, we take our responsibility of keeping your information safe and secure seriously, utilizing every possible measure to ensure it remains protected. With the release of the new and improved Online24, we have made many behind the scenes upgrades that require an updated browser. These upgrades have been made in order to keep your information as safe and secure as possible. Unfortunately, older browsers are by nature less secure. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Listed below are the Internet browser versions that offer full functionality within Online24:

Windows Internet Explorer 9,10, or 11

Mozilla Firefox (most current version)

Google Chrome (most current version)

Mac Apple Safari 6.2 and 6.1.6

If you do not currently have an Internet browser listed above, then you must upgrade for your security and to receive the full functionality offered by Online24.


  • View up-to-the-minute account balances, check images and transaction history
  • Pay anyone with Bill Pay and Popmoney® personal payment service
  • Quickly transfer funds between your accounts
  • Access your accounts on-the-go with mobile banking
  • Export transaction history to your personal finance software
  • Have confidence that your online and mobile banking systems are secure with multiple layers of authentication to protect your information


  • Log in as usual with your same user ID and password.
  • Your account information and history will be available with the new system.
  • There will be no change to any of your scheduled transfers or scheduled bill payments.
  • All of your Bill Pay history and payee information will be available.
  • If you enrolled for eStatements, your current and past statements will be available.

Log in / Sign on to Online24

It’s easy to access your account through the Internet with Online24. Here’s what you will need to use Online24:

  • A browser that supports 128 bit encryption. For full functionality we recommend the newest versions of these browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
  • Your user ID (this may be your primary account number – without the suffixes)
  • An Online24 password

If you do not have an Online24 password or have never logged into Online24 before, please call (800) 634-3600 or visit one of our branches and ask us to assist you with your login. Please make sure you are at your computer when you call us so that we can assist you more effectively.

If you have simply forgotten your password, for added convenience you may be able to use the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link on the Login Page.

To better protect your Online24 account, security features such as multi-factor Intelligent Authentication™ will require that you select several challenge questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I know before using Quicken or other financial management software?


The credit union provides downloads for the last six months of your account data.  You will find the download feature located under the Accounts tab in Online24.  We provide the following file formats for use with the more popular financial management programs:

  • .CSV
  • .QFX
  • .QBO
  • .OFX

If you are having difficulty with your financial management program, then you may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.  Please note that while the credit union provides downloadable files for your convenience, we are unable to provide support for the program itself.   However, you may be able to find an answer to your problem in the following FAQs.

1.  Is the account number in the Quicken program correct?

Make sure that the account number is formatted properly within the Quicken program.

For Savings and Loan Accounts:

Check the format of the account number in your program and make sure it is 9-digits, plus a hyphen and the suffix.  For example:  aaaaaaaaa-ss where a = the 9-digit account number with leading zeros and s = the suffix, also with leading zeros (if appropriate).

For Checking Accounts:

Check the format of the account in your program and make sure it is the MICR number exactly as it appears at the bottom of one of your checks. This should be the complete 12-digit account number, including any preceding zeros.

2.  Are There Duplicate Entries?

During your initial download you will need to pay particular attention to the way transactions load into the program. You may see some duplicate entries and will need to manually remove those errant transactions in your files.  This should not happen on subsequent downloads.

3.  Automatic Update Login Issues.

Members who use automatic updates must make sure that they have updated the login information within the Quicken program.  If the Quicken program attempts to automatically download transactions using outdated login information, then there is the potential for Quicken to lock your accounts out of Online24.

4.  Logins at Odd Hours.

Members who use Quicken financial management software may notice logins to their Online24 account during odd hours of the night and be concerned about the activity.  This may be Quicken Express Web Connect performing automatic updates and your computer does not have to be powered on for this to occur.  The link below leads directly to the Quicken support site.

5. Quicken Versions 2013 and Older

The parent company of Quicken has (or will soon) discontinue support for versions older than 2013.  Product discontinuations usually happen on or about April 30th each year.  Here is the Quicken discontinuation policy page:

6. Quicken Support

The credit union provides downloadable files to you for your convenience but we are unable to provide support for the Quicken program.  Quicken offers Internet support at

Q: Is the Online24 system secure?


Yes.  Our system uses the highest level of protection available, providing the assurance that your accounts and financial information are secure.  For more information about the security of Online24, click here.

Q: Can I make an additional principal payment on my real estate loan?


If you wish to make additional principal payments to your real estate loan, you must include any additional principal amount in with your regular payment. If you attempt to make a principal only payment, then the system will automatically split your payment between interest, principal, and escrow. This could result in problems with escrow, interest, and due dates. To avoid problems with your real estate loan, we urge you to contact our Call Center at (423) 634-3600 or make your principal reduction payments in person at one of our branches.

Q: Can I make a partial payment on my real estate loan?


If you are paying less than the amount due, then the system will not accept your payment. Please contact our Call Center at (423) 634-3600 or visit one of our branches for assistance.

Q: Where did my TrueStamp picture go?


TrueStamp has been retired!

The TrueStamp image feature previously used on Online24 was retired in August 2013.  After the change, members will no longer see the TrueStamp image on the login page for online banking or mobile banking.

Instead, security and authentication is based on a layered security framework that exceeds the recommendations of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).  This includes extensive enhancements to the system that can trigger challenge questions.  We urge you to review your challenge questions and update them so that you can remember the answers.

Q: How do I set up a recurring transfer on Online24?


Under the Transfers tab, you can set up one time and recurring transfers in only a few clicks.

Q: How much Online24 transaction history is available?


Members can view 180 days (6 months) of transaction history from their TVFCU accounts.  Check images are available for 90 days.  eStatements will be available for at least 15-months.

Q: How do I add account nicknames?


Under the Self Service tab, click on “manage account preferences” to see a list of your account nicknames.  You can make changes to this list, including renaming your accounts to sort in numeric/alphabetic order.  Click “update preferences” to save them.

Q: What if I have never used Online24 before?


If you have never logged into Online24 before, please visit your nearest branch or contact our Call Center at 423-634-3600 for details.  After a brief setup process, you can login and begin using Online24 right away!

Q: How do I login to Online24/Bill Pay?


If you are already an Online24 user, simply enter your existing UserID (this may be your account number) and your existing Password and click the Login button.  If you have simply forgotten your password, for added convenience you can use the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link on the Login Page.   If you have never logged in before, please visit your nearest branch or contact our Call Center at (423) 634-3600 for details.