Mobile Banking*

Your Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union is excited to offer you the conveniences of Online24…all from your mobile device!  Our Online24 Mobile App for iPhone and Android is a great way to help you keep up with your finances. Transfer funds, pay your bills, or check your balances anywhere you can use your mobile device.  Mobile carrier charges may apply and your device must be subscribed to Premium Text Messaging**.

Not sure which Mobile Banking option to choose?  Here are some suggestions:

Why Use the TVFCU Online24 Mobile Downloadable Application?

Get a customized application for your iPhone or Android that provides an intuitive and rich user experience consisting of easy-to-navigate screens and menus. Receive all the benefits of mobile browser banking, enhanced by your phone’s unique features.

Why Use Mobile Browser?

If you have a Smartphone with Internet access but don’t have an iPhone or Android, you can still use your mobile device to keep track of your finances.  Simply choose the Mobile Browser as your on-the-go solution.

Why Use Text Banking?

Send text commands (such as BAL) to the credit union from your Premium Text Message** enabled phone to inquire about basic account balances and transaction history information. Receive text message responses directly to your phone.

Why Use Alert Banking?

Select at least one other mobile banking service and include Text Message Alerts to monitor your credit union accounts. Choose how and when you want to be notified of changes to account balances and personal information. Alert Banking will allow you to receive notifications about account activity either through email or text message.

*Prior to using the Mobile Banking features, you need to already be an active Online24 user and have accessed your accounts from a computer.  As a security measure, you should also be prepared to answer one of your security questions.

**Premium Text Messaging is required for TVFCU Online24 Mobile services.  To see if Premium Messaging is enabled on your phone, text the word HELP to 39872.  If you receive a valid response, then Premium Messaging is enabled. If you receive any kind of ‘message failed’ or ‘error’ message, then you do not have the Premium Messaging and would need to contact your cellular carrier to have it enabled on your phone.

Apple Pay

Introducing Apple Pay™ for Your TVFCU Debit Card Apple Pay™ is a convenient new way to pay that makes reaching for your wallet a thing of the past. With Apple Pay, you can simplify the way you shop by adding

Mobile Deposit

The days of worrying because you forgot to swing by a branch to deposit a check on your way home are over. With TVFCU’s Mobile App, you can easily deposit checks of up to $2,500. Make deposits to your TVFCU

iPhone / iPad / Android

iPhone and iPad:  Search for TVFCU in the iTunes App Store. Android: Search for TVFCU in the Google Play store. Download and install the app. Launch the app on your device. For your first Log In you will need to

Mobile Browser

Login to Online24 from a computer (not a mobile device). Click on the Self-Service tab. Click on the Sign Up/Manage My Mobile Money link. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Click the Continue button. Select Mobile Browser option. Click the Continue

Text Banking

Login to Online24 from a computer. Click on the Self-Service tab. Click on the Sign Up/Manage My Mobile Money link. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Click the Continue button. Select Text Messaging. Click the Continue button. Select the correct time